50 Users
$2/ea Additional Users
100,000 opens/mo
75¢/1,000 over
14-day Trial
500 Users
$1/ea Additional Users
500,000 opens/mo
66¢/1,000 over
Custom CSS
14-day Trial
2500 Users
$1/ea Additional Users
2,500,000 opens/mo
50¢/1,000 over
Custom CSS
+Child Accounts
14-day Trial

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  About This AddOn
What Is The Real-Time Toolbox?
This Bee AddOn puts dozens of tools for dynamic and visual content at your user's fingertips, with familiar, easy BEE drag-and-drop layout.
How Do I Charge For It?
This is a cloud delivery service; only delivered content is charged. Every image and link request is logged by user.
Whether you choose to charge your customers a flat fee for Toolbox use, or to pass along their specific traffic costs, is up to you.
Do We Get Reports and API Access?
Yes, account user-summary reporting is provided, and detailed API data is available on some plans.
How Often Will I Be Billed?
Monthly, on the 10th day of the month.
What About Support?
Our helpdesk portal is at It includes an ever-growing knowledgebase, with video tutorials.
What Tools Are Included?
The Toolbox currently includes these tools:
Pixel, Redirector, Personalize, Schedule, Language, Geo.
What If I Have Questions Before Signing Up?
Call us! (888) 618-9088, Pacific business hours.